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Scouting Badges

Bottle Racers with The STEM Zone.jpg
Automotive design with The STEM Zone.
 Wind resistance setup with The STEM ZoneJ
The STEM Zone Solar Cars.jpg

Automotive Design 
At every level Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts design, build, and test their vehicles. From aerodynamic testing, to building air powered, spring powered, and solar powered cars this hands on experience provides instruction and materials.  


Gear train with The STEM Zone.HEIC
Candy Crane with The STEM Zone.jpg
Straw rockets with The STEM Zone.HEIC
Little Bits with The STEM Zone.HEIC

Mechanical Design 
At every badge level scouts use simple machines to discover the meaning of mechanical advantage. Scouts take flight by designing, building and testing hot air balloons, paper airplanes, straw rockets, candy cranes, and Little Bits.  

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