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We are an Innovative Leader Award Recipient

The STEM Zone Maker Space was recently honored as the recipient of the Poway Chamber of Commerce Business Star Innovative Leader Award.

What's so innovative? Well, we didn't exactly invent the wheel. Instead we created a family friendly Maker Space where people of all ages and abilities could come in to learn, design and create. Our user friendly APP and computers can be used by all ages - from a 4 year old that can type "DOG" into our icon library on one of our computers allowing them to pick their favorite graphic - to a grandmother that wants to create a "Happy Camper" sign for her grandsons. Designs are uploaded to one of our lasers, which then cut/engrave/ score a variety of materials that we have for purchase. Add in a little paint, some glue, glitter, or ribbon and you have a custom item to take home.

The STEM Zone currently has seven interns - and everyone of them are expanding their skill set by assisting with summer camps and parties. Knowing that all of our interns experienced 1 1/2 years of online science, art, and math classes - makes it all the more gratifying to provide opportunities for each of these young adults to complete HANDS ON projects, labs, and design work. So far our STEM focused summer camps have incorporated laser design, hydroponics design, lessons on plant adaptations, circuits, LEDs, magnetic switches, magnetic field, friction, using motors and propellors, solar panels, Diabetes testing, food poisoning, cells and cell membranes, genetics, DNA testing, and water testing. We have explored the Solar System and density.

Someone recently asked me if I missed my former job - as a teacher. But the reality is -- I am STILL teaching everyday - from kids, to teens, to Moms, the occasional new teacher - anyone and everyone that comes through the door represents an opportunity to learn something new to learn! COME AND MAKE WITH US!

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