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SO what exactly is this place?

Ok, so I get this question a lot. Part of the reason is that The STEM ZONE MAKER SPACE is a new concept - not really done anywhere else (at least as far as I can tell) - and our name SORTA explains our concept. We are NOT a full sized Maker Space. We ARE however, a family friendly Maker Place. We offer classes for people of all ages and abilities. Most of what we offer involves the use of our lasers, some paint or stain, and a touch of creativity. We offer classes focused on making one specific item; think large round door hangers, or airplanes for kids. We have a variety of precut items that a you can paint during our Open Workshop times (literally show up, pick something precut off of the shelf and paint away). We have summer camps, Girl Scout Badge classes and Parent Child Drop In times. We can also book your private party - where you supply the food and drink and we supply the lasers and paint. You get the idea......Stop by and introduce yourself, take a look at what we have to offer and MAKE WITH US!

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