Modern Day Industrial Arts

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

When I think back to my middle school years one of my favorite classes was Industrial Arts. No, I didn't particularly care for the teacher. My best friend and I were the only girls, and we were harassed a lot for being in a "class meant for boys." But none of this stopped me from liking the class. To this day, I still remember the projects that I worked on. As a mother to four children, I am saddened to see that not all of our schools offer Maker Space classes.

This observation is one of the reasons that I have decided to venture out and open The STEM ZONE Maker Space. I want children, teens, families, and senior citizens to have the experience of making something with their hands, much like my Industrial Arts class, minus the harassment.

If you are new to the Maker Space concept, you may think that Maker Spaces are only for engineers or innovators. That is simply not true! While I was dreaming of opening The STEM Zone Maker Space with my daughter and my mother, we designed and made several pairs of earrings, as well as furniture for a doll house. For us taking the time to learn something new and make something was time to bond. It was a time to put down our phones and get creative.

I invite you to check out The STEM ZONE Maker Space in North San Diego. The one thing you will need to decide: What will you make?

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