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Gifts that keep giving

I write this in the midst of Winter Break, sitting in my shop, reflecting on the past week. There were two people in particular that I am thinking about - that registered for a Maker Space workshop with the intent to make a custom gift.

The first customer brought in a medical device that was used internally to adjust the growth of her son's rib cage - so that his rib cage wouldn't invert causing pressure on her son's heart. The customer was looking for a way to use the medical device so that it could serve as a reminder of the procedure - and being "anchored" in the family. With a little creativity, and several trail and error prototypes, a beautiful bracelet was born - as a gift and reminder of the love and support that the family members share with each other.

The second customer wanted to show gratitude for the gift of an organ transplant that their family member received. They brought in a Bible verse and an idea for making a sign for the organ donor's family. With some work, a little creativity, and a touch of paint, a beautiful gift was made.

Hearing the stories of families that have faced significant medical concerns makes me realize how fortunate I am to be healthy. I am thankful to be a part of a community where healthcare is top notch - and advances in science continue to happen.

As you you into the New Year - 2023, may you find happiness and good health.

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