For the LOVE of Lasers

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

My first experience working with a laser was when I was a teacher working in the midwest. The school that I taught at had a Maker Space equipped with a laser cutter. I handed my middle school students an open ended assignment to design something in the Maker Space that would help them study cell organelles. From there, my students got creative. They designed and cut puzzles, a tabletop pinball machine, a quiz box with a buzzer, and many vinyl stickers.

Fast forward to the pandemic. Stuck at home with my family, I decided to buy a laser to occupy our (my) time. My youngest and I spent many hours designing, printing, engraving, painting,..... well, you get the picture. We now have more earrings, pencil holders, doll house furniture, door decorations, Halloween and Christmas ornaments than we could ever want in life. I found that taking the time to be creative with my daughter was time well spent.

From my experience creating and making in our formal dinning room, the idea of THE STEM ZONE MAKER SPACE was born. If I can have fun creating with my family, certainly other families are out there that would want to do the same. Now that the pandemic is becoming more manageable, I have enjoyed creating and making with my friends. It is memorizing to watch my friends huddled around my laser as it cuts our designs.

I now find that I am ready to launch The STEM ZONE, a beginner friendly Maker Space, where anyone can learn to design and create. We will be located in Torrey Highlands, San Diego. Keep an eye on our website for our opening week specials! What will you make?

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